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Toronto creator of screen protector launches nationally

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Cracked mobile screens and greasy fingerprints are now a thing of the past according to Canadian start up Phantom Glass Group, which launched its tempered glass screen protector at select retailers across Canada this week.

To ensure maximum impact and scratch protection for mobile devices, laptops and cameras, Phantom Glass comes with a lifetime warranty. Unlike competitor products, Phantom Glass can be developed for all touch screen devices of any generation, including laptops, cameras and tablets.

From unlocking iPhones at Starbucks at the young age of 13, to selling in-house prescription eyeglasses to local businesses with a traveling optometrist, 20-year-old Phantom Glass founder Richard Waters has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. His venture in eyewear had him researching high quality glass from all over the world. Intrigued with his findings and frustrated with poor quality screen protectors, Toronto-based Waters had an ‘ah-ha’ moment that would change his life. One year later in 2013, satisfied with a prototype that made all other screen/glass protectors obsolete, specs were sent overseas and Phantom Glass was born.

“I was unimpressed with the options out there for mobile protection,” says Richard Waters, founder, Phantom Glass. “Everyone everywhere has a smartphone in addition to many other devices that are susceptible to damage; I didn’t understand why there wasn’t something better. Above all, it irritated me to see bubbling, peeling and scratched screen protectors, and having friends with broken phones constantly asking me to replace their glass. I wanted to develop a product that actually worked.”


What makes Phantom Glass different?

Two unique coatings:

A silicone nano-adhesion layer, which ensures installation is a breeze, and also fills surface scratches on older devices

An oleophobic nano-coating that allows fingerprints to wipe off with ease

Case compatible and will work on all touch screen devices. Phantom Glass™ guarantees no peeling, regardless of how snugly the case fits

Tempered glass making Phantom Glass™ the strongest glass screen protector available, preventing chipping and scratching during use

Guaranteed perfect image clarity with zero image distortion


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