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Engineers create IoT solutions in element14 challenge

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element14, along with partners EnOcean, Tektronix, the Raspberry Pi Foundation and the Eclipse Foundation, has launched a new global design competition which will encourage participating engineers to develop pioneering applications in the field of home monitoring and automation.

The ‘Forget Me Not’ design challenge will use a core kit featuring popular products: Raspberry Pi, EnOcean Pi, EnOcean Sensor Kit and WiPi, as well as an oscilloscope courtesy of Tektronix.

The technologies that underpin the term Internet of Things (IoT) have opened up new possibilities for remote control of home appliances and devices. The “Forget Me Not” challenge aims to solve common everyday problems for people, such as remembering whether or not they have locked the front door, taken out the trash or left the oven on. Using energy harvesting wireless sensors, IoT technologies are able to transmit information to smartphones and tablets, giving the user a real-time update on such statuses. Furthermore, there are implications for automating tasks while away from home, such as feeding pets or watering plants.

“The Internet of Things has been a hot topic in the media, but the technologies behind it have not yet been a focus of the attention,” says Dianne Kibbey, global head of community, element14. “Our 230,000-member community is at the forefront of this trend and this challenge aims to create applications to be used by everyone, in real life. The projects developed will have great implications for the smart homes of the future, and we look forward to seeing many creative designs.”


The competitors in the challenge will be provided with the following:

* Raspberry Pi

* EnOcean Pi

* EnOcean Sensor Kit

* WiPi

* Tektronix TBS1202B-EDU Oscilloscope

The competitors will also be provided with Eclipse SmartHome, an open-source software framework that helps accelerate the development of home automation solutions. A budget of $500 per competitor will be granted to acquire additional materials. The recruitment period, which launches today, will conclude on July 14, 2014. A total of 15 competitors will be selected to build their designs and blog at the element14 design community throughout the challenge, addressing their ideas and key challenges. The competition will conclude in late October 2014.

There will be three prizes. The grand prize winner will receive an all-expenses-paid trip to Electronica 2014 in Munich, Germany, as well as a product bundle valued at more than $20,000. The bundle will include a Tektronix MDO3104 oscilloscope with a built-in spectrum analyzer, a full license for EnOcean Link middleware and an EnOcean EDK 350 Developer Kit. The runner up will receive a bundle including a Rapiro DIY Robot Kit and an EnOcean EDK 350 Developer Kit. Finally, the people’s choice winner, who will be chosen by a vote on the award-winning element14 design community, will receive an EnOcean EDK 350 Developer Kit.


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