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Sandvine wins deal with tier-1 Asian service provider


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Sandvine announced it has won a significant initial order from a converged Asian service provider, whose broadband network ranks among the five largest in Asia.

“In one of the most penetrated broadband markets in the world, with some of the fastest broadband connection speeds, this customer ranks right near the top,” said Tom Donnelly, COO, Sales and Global Services, Sandvine.  “The customer was extremely diligent in their evaluation. They assessed technical compliance on approximately 150 functionality requirements on a range of devices such as tablets, PCs and mobile devices using Wi-Fi. They analyzed corporate capabilities, productization and performance metrics. Sandvine was the only vendor to meet or exceed advertised performance capabilities.”

The Asian operator purchased Sandvine’s Service Delivery Engine, Usage Management and Traffic Management products and several units of the PTS 24000 hardware platform. Sandvine was selected on the basis of its unique ability to implement highly scalable real-time policy across both the data plane and control plane, realizing both operator cost savings and increased subscriber quality of experience.

Sandvine’s specific advantages included:

  • Integrated policy decision and enforcement capabilities of the Service Delivery Engine and the Policy Traffic Switch
  • Plug-and-play Usage Management product that measures subscriber usage on a finely granular application basis
  • Streaming video metrics that take into account device, display characteristics and transport quality
  • Overall breadth of solutions that bridge fixed and mobile networks to future-proof a converged network

The initial deployment represents a limited portion of the operator’s service area, with opportunities for expansion in the future.

“This win increases our local Asian presence that includes NTT Communications and SK Broadband,” said Mr. Donnelly.  “Our products satisfy the needs of the high-growth Asian market through the delivery of policy on a scalable and flexible platform, addressing a wide range of business cases across all fixed and mobile networks, including LTE.”



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