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Agilent Technologies Inc. introduced the BenchLink Waveform Builder Pro, full-featured waveform creation software for its 33200, 33500 and 81100 Series waveform generators.

Using the software, R&D engineers characterizing new designs and test system engineers validating production units in the aerospace/defense, semiconductor and wireless communications industries can now more quickly and easily create custom waveforms. They also can gain deeper insight into their signals.
Agilent’s BenchLink Waveform Builder Pro is a Microsoft Windows-based program that provides an easy-to-use equation editor along with waveform math and drawing tools that engineers can use to create custom signals. It features a standard function library, waveform sequencer, and signal filtering and windowing functions for easy modification and refinement of signals. The standard function library contains common sine, square, triangle, ramp, pulse, and exponential signals that engineers can access to quickly create custom waveforms. For fast creation of more complex waveforms, the software also features a comprehensive library of built-in multitone, serial data, trapezoid and Gaussian signals.
A key benefit of the BenchLink Waveform Builder Pro is its ability to help engineers gain deeper insights into their waveforms. A signal’s frequency characteristics can be viewed using a fast Fourier transform capability. Complementary cumulative distribution function curves allow users to view a signal’s power characteristics.
The BenchLink Waveform Builder Pro enables engineers to take full advantage of the signal-generation capabilities of Agilent’s 33200, 33500 and 81100 Series waveform generators. Working together, these solutions deliver the advanced signal creation and editing capabilities today’s engineers need, without requiring hours of programming.
"Fast and flexible custom waveform creation is a key requirement for R&D and manufacturing engineers working in today’s fast-paced aerospace/defense, semiconductor and wireless communications industries," said Gary Whitman, vice president of Agilent’s System Products Division. "With the introduction of BenchLink Waveform Builder Pro, Agilent now offers full-featured waveform creation software for our general-purpose instruments. This solution ensures our customers can easily generate both the common and the complex waveforms they need to optimize their designs."
Agilent’s 33500 Series is a family of one- and two-channel, 30-MHz function/arbitrary waveform generators featuring the highest signal fidelity and breakthrough technology that enables the generation of highly accurate arbitrary waveforms. When compared to anything else in their class, these Agilent waveform generators offer10 times better jitter performance and the lowest total harmonic distortion.
The Agilent 33200 Series is a family of 10-, 20- and 80-MHz function/arbitrary waveform generators that feature AM, FM, PM, FSK and PWM modulation capabilities, sweep and burst modes, and a graphic display. The Agilent 81100 family of pulse-pattern generators provides bandwidth to 660 MHz and generates all the standard pulses and digital patterns needed for specialty or digital applications.

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