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UBM TechInsights launches product teardowns for medical electronics


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UBM TechInsights announced the launch of a new line of medical electronics product teardowns, providing licensed access to expert teardown reports on medical electronics for OEMs, semiconductor manufacturers, IP professionals and industry analysts worldwide. 

teardown reports offer players in the medical electronics market place
valuable intelligence on the new technologies and companies shaping the

Chronic healthcare conditions attributed to lifestyle have resulted in
sky-rocketing healthcare spending globally. The market for medical
devices that help manage these chronic conditions has kept pace.
According to research firm Frost & Sullivan, the global market for
medical devices will increase by 5.8 percent annually, to reach US $240
billion by 2012. In Asia Pacific, the medical devices market is expected
to grow by 10.2 percent a year, and will account for 25 percent of the
global market by 2012.


"Accelerated patent activity has accompanied the intense innovation in
the medical devices market, as semiconductor and consumer electronics
companies leverage their technologies for personal fitness and medical
devices ranging from heart rate and vital signs monitors, to blood

glucose meters and wireless stethoscopes," said Gary Johnson, vice
president of business development for medical devices, UBM TechInsights
(above). "In order to protect, manage, and assert their intellectual
property rights, companies require timely analysis of new products from

a variety of relevant categories. Our medical electronics teardowns
provide insights that help customers minimize the risks of costly
litigation, lost revenue, and weakened market share."

UBM TechInsights expert teardown reports reveal integrated circuit (IC)
content, system architecture, system metrics, and sub-assembly metrics
for a growing list of new medical electronics devices. This information
is valued by technical marketing, product planning, and competitive
intelligence staff within both medical electronic device companies and
semiconductor firms supplying the medical sector.  Customers can
purchase individual reports or a one-year license to continually access
new content and resources on-line including:

– 32 new teardown reports planned for 2011

– "IC Locator" database access tool to identify specific ICs found in the analyzed medical devices

– "Feature-Set Search" tool to find common features across a range of analyzed devices

Insights gained from forensic technical analysis such as teardown
reports help technology companies proactively manage the innovation
process, as recommended in UBM TechInsights’ IP Lifecycle Management
best practices. Phases of the IP Lifecycle include assessing and

analyzing IP assets; developing an IP strategy; establishing an IP
position; leveraging IP; and monetizing IP. These best practices can be
customized to a company’s vision, market, and competitive environment in
order to capitalize on its most valuable assets, and support overall
business objectives.

"By combining our proven approach to managing intellectual property
with the timely analysis available from our product teardowns, our
customers in the medical devices sector will be well positioned to meet
the competitive challenges of this growing market," continued Johnson.
"We are pleased to add this focus on medical electronic devices to our
highly-respected portfolio of teardowns covering a wide range of
consumer electronics products."


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