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Gennum introduces crosspoint swtich


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Gennum Corporation introduced the industry's first 2x2 crosspoint switch capable of supporting data rates in excess of 14 gigabits per second (Gbps) per port. 

In addition, the new GX4002 crosspoint is the first to integrate a CDR (clock and data recovery), providing a single-chip solution that satisfies the high-speed signal integrity requirements of next-generation equipment used in data center, enterprise and telecommunications networks. The crosspoint is ideal for use as a redundancy switch, repeater or high-speed loop-back monitor.

"Gennum has applied its rich heritage in advanced signal integrity technology to achieve data rates never before possible on a crosspoint switch," said Martin Rofheart, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Analog & Mixed-Signal Products at Gennum. "We have also advanced crosspoint functionality with the integration of our proven CDR technology, applying innovative signal conditioning techniques to ensure high quality, long distance signal transmission at these breakthrough speeds. Our integrated solution reduces chip count and complexity, saving both BOM cost and board space-all the while delivering the world’s fastest crosspoint."

The device provides the speed, bandwidth and signal integrity required to support network equipment based on standards like 10 Gbps SONET (OC-192); 10 Gbps Ethernet; 16 Gbps Fibre Channel; and Infiniband DDR (double data rate), QDR (quad data rate) and FDR (fourteen data rate).


With an integrated CDR that uses input equalization and output de-emphasis for signal conditioning, the GX4002 reduces jitter and allows high-speed signal transmission across longer distances. Used to restore and clean digital signals at extremely high speeds, the integrated CDR "resets" the jitter budget, effectively erasing the signal distortion that can occur during transmission across "lossy" media such as copper cables and backplanes. The GX4002 provides unprecedented output jitter of 7 picoseconds, peak-to-peak (ps p-p).

In redundancy switching applications, the two-port switch allows designers to create two identical 14 Gbps paths and use one channel for protection switching in the event of a network failure. An alternate traffic path can be switched over and operational within 100 microseconds for OC-192/OTU2 data rates.

The GX4002 can also be used as a "redriver" or "repeater" to extend the distance that a signal can be reliably carried across a backplane or I/O card. Finally, the device can be used for high-speed loop-back support, enabling designers to monitor signal quality and diagnose potential network problems.

As an asynchronous switch, the GX4002 can support different data rates or protocols on each port. A non-blocking design allows connection of any input to any output for maximum design flexibility.

The GX4002 also complements Gennum’s growing portfolio of products for next-generation networking, data center, storage and telecommunications applications. The company offers a full line of transimpedance amplifiers (TIAs), clock and data recovery (CDR) solutions, laser drivers and ROSAs for optical networking.


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