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Vancouver games went green with light pole LED dimmers


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New LED dimmers reduced energy consumption up to 75% on light poles installed for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Games.

The ILLUMRA LED dimmers, enabled by energy-harvesting EnOcean Technology, were installed on outdoor LED light poles along a pathway between venues at the Winter Games. LED street lamps use about 25% less energy than conventional metal halide fixtures. ILLUMRA dimmers dramatically improve this savings.

“LED dimmers are a great way to save energy,” said Jan Finlinson, director at ILLUMRA.

“By reducing the output of the lights when no one is on the pathway, customers achieve significant energy savings while maintaining a level of security, ambiance and convenience for venue attendees.”

Each pole is equipped with a light sensor, LED lights, motion sensors and ILLUMRA wireless LED dimmers.


The equipment keeps the lights dim when no one is on the pathway, and turns the LEDs to full brightness when pedestrians are near. Wireless signals share pedestrian occupancy status among the network of light poles.

EnOcean Technology: A Video Primer

 The system works by sensing motion along the pathway, allowing the network of dimmers to adjust their light levels based on the movement. When no motion is detected, the lights dim, consuming 75% less energy.

"The immediate energy savings and long term life cycle cost of LED lighting make it a compelling solution for energy efficiency," stated Dr. Bernell Stone, energy analyst and Silver professor of finance at Brigham Young University. "Energy management technology like that offered by ILLUMRA accelerates the payback period for LEDs, making this innovation a powerful contributor to energy efficiency."

The wireless dimmers from ILLUMRA provide ultra smooth LED dimming with industry-leading performance of 65,000 dimming steps, thus eliminating the flickering at low light levels that other LED dimmers exhibit. The units can dim up to 5 A loads of either 12 or 24 V LED lights.

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