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Tektronix expands instrument service offerings with Gold Care Plan

Tektronix - a manufacturer of oscilloscopes - announced Gold Care Plan designed "to give customers a worry-free ownership experience across mid-range and high-performance test instruments."

September 9, 2010  Staff

This enhancement to Tektronix’s current support offerings allows for more benefits such as equivalent loaner products, scheduled factory-certified calibration, and priority access to technical support resources.

“We’ve heard from many of our large customers that downtime is simply not an option, especially with today’s tight development schedules,” said Paul Caragher, president, Service Solutions, Tektronix. “The Gold Care Plans provide a fixed cost of ownership and ensure that in the unlikely event of an instrument failure, the customer is able to get back to work with minimal interruption. These plans take instrument failure and incremental ownership costs off the table.”

The Tektronix Gold Care Plans include:
– A loaner product of equal or higher performance on product failures of any type
– Scheduled factory-certified calibration
– EOS/ESD coverage
– Priority processing of all failed products
– Priority access to Tektronix technical support and call centers
– Uninterrupted coverage for up to 5 total years with automatic renewal



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