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Mentor Graphics collaborates with GlobalFoundries to create a facility


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Mentor Graphics Corp - an electronic hardware and software design solutions company - announced that it has collaborated with GlobalFoundries to "create a facility called Graphical Design Rule Manual (GDRM)."

This manual is meant to help IC designers debug layout design rule violations by integrating the Calibre RVE results viewing environment with GlobalFoundries’ electronic design rule manuals. With GDRM, designers use the Calibre RVE tool to “correct DRC hotspots that can automatically access detailed GlobalFoundries textual and graphical reference information about the specific rules generating the violations.”

“The manufacturing variability issues of advanced process nodes has led to an exponential explosion in the complexity of design rules, resulting in longer physical verification debugging cycles,” said Andy Brotman, vice president of design infrastructure at GlobalFoundries. "To counteract this trend, [we are] investing in unique capabilities aimed at helping customers get to market more quickly. Our GDRM effort with Mentor is a good example of how our collaboration with ecosystem partners addresses specific bottlenecks and improves the overall design-to-silicon flow.”


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