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CTEK identifies battery charging myths


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CTEK - a company in the care and maintenance of vehicle batteries - identified "the most frequent myths associated with battery charging all types of lead acid batteries."

– “One size fits all”: A smart charger needs to be fit for purpose so that a product can be used for a wide range of applications.
– “Trickle Charging is ‘Good Enough'”: A trickle charger is “considerable less sophisticated than a smart charger.” Trickle charging uses a ‘top-up’ charge over time which reduces battery capacity and the ability to retain a charge, whereas smart charging monitors and maintains the battery.
– “Alternators Keep Batteries Charged”: An alternator does not look after the maintenance of the battery which is found in smart chargers.
– “Batteries Can Last For Many Years”: Smart battery chargers can “extend the life of a battery by as much as three times” in comparison to unmaintained batteries.



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