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Amfeltec Corp. launches batteryless system logger


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Amfeltec Corp - a provider of equipment dedicated to hard/software development and electronic design manufacturing - launched a new device called System Logger (SysLogger).

SysLogger is a batteryless data logger for “supporting appliance design market and embedded system development,” said Amfeltec.  It is designed for solving problems that prevent log files from being properly written after operating systems crash.

When SysLogger is deployed in a computer system, it provides “around the clock system logging,” said Amfeltec. When the system crashes – due to a power outage or a user specified trigger event – the system information is stored in its non-volatile memory and can be accessed or restored at a later time. It uses Smart Batteryless Backup Technology that “allows for continuous storing of log information even when the electrical characteristics of the logger are fluctuating due to humidity and temperature influences.” This allows SysLogger’s lifetime to be “practically unlimited,” said Amfeltec.

The SysLogger has the following characteristics:
– System interface is RS-232 (standard DB9 connector)
– Programmable baud rates 9600/19200/57600/115200 bps
– Memory buffer 128 Kbytes
– Powered from the system interface ( no batteries or power cables)
– Lifetime more than ten years
– Extremely compact design: 1.302" x 0.768" x 2.387"



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