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Tektronix named candidate for 2010 IABM Design & Innovation Awards


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Tektronix - a provider of digital content monitoring solutions - announced that its Sentry solution is one of only 10 products selected as a 2010 IABM Design Awards Candidate in this year's IABM Awards for Design & Innovation.

Sentry, apart of Tektronix’s Mixed Signals family of products, was recognized in this year’s IABM Design Awards for “its upgraded audio level monitoring capability, which enables video service providers worldwide to identify audio volume issues in programming and commercials,” said Tektronix. Sentry has the tools to fix dramatic volume changes that are now subject to Government regulatory compliance requirements.

Sentry has the ability to continuously monitor hundreds of channels simultaneously, unlike competitor products. The “key” to Sentry’s upgraded loudness monitoring capabilities is “its support for the ITU-R BS.1770 audio specification,” says Tektronix.

“Being one of only 10 products selected as a candidate for the IABM award reinforces how seriously the broadcast industry takes the loudness issues that have plagued viewers for years,” said Eric Conley, Vice President, Video Network Monitoring, Tektronix. “This recognition for Sentry is the latest in a series of awards honoring its advanced audio level monitoring capabilities.”



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