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Lyrtech and Enigma Interconnect conclude agreement on $28 million OEM contract


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Lyrtech Inc - a developer and manufacturer of advanced digital signal processing solutions - announced that it has concluded a manufacturing agreement with Enigma Interconnect - a provider of seamless and fully integrated electronics manufacturing services.

This agreement closed their recent $28 million (CAN) OEM contract that involved "designing, developing and delivering intelligent motion detection modules based on existing Lyrtech intelligent optical sensing (IOS) technology," says the release. Enigma will mass produce the device developed by Lyrtech resulting in "a steady flow of work at the fabrication, assembly and testing installations of Enigma Interconnect," said Avraham Elarar, president and chief executive officer at Enigma.

As a background, IOS is a DSP-based technology that is set to replace older sensing technologies, such as passive infrared and ultrasonic occupancy sensings, says Lyrtech. IOS can detect presence even without motion.




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