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Lyric Semiconductor receives Best of Show award at Flash Memory Summit


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Lyric Semiconductor - a fables semiconductor company - has been chosen by the Flash Memory Summit as a Best of Show award winner for 2010 in the category of Most Innovative Flash Memory Technology.

The annual Best of Show award is “a premier opportunity for industry recognition of innovative products and solutions” said Lyric. They were recognized for their Lyric Error Correction (LEC) – a commercial probability processor technology – because it had the “ability to outpace all other error correctors currently available with 12X lower power consumption packed into a 30X smaller form factor,” said Lyric.

Lyric’s LEC technology was also innovative because it allow flash manufacturers to correct errors more efficiently as flash error rates have become increasingly problematic with each new generation of the technology, according to Lyric. Lyric hopes to push the rate from 30 errors in every 1,000 to 1 error in every 1,000 trillion.

“Flash Error Correction is ideally suited to our probability processor technology, which is why we chose it as our first commercial implementation," says Lyric Semiconductor CEO and co-founder Ben Vigoda. "We are pleased and honored to be publicly recognized so soon after our emergence from stealth mode.”

Lyric was honoured at the Flash Memory Summit Awards on Wednesday August 18.



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