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The expanded family of compact Pittman slotless brushless DC motors has been engineered to outperform traditional motors in medical device applications requiring high efficiency and power with minimal heat, EMI, vibration, and noise. They are sized ideally to serve as high-performance power solutions in medical instruments, dental drills, and other handheld or small medical devices.

This family of small motors introduces a wide variety of power solutions for device applications with tight design envelopes. Motor diameters range from 0.375 in. / 9.53mm to 1.1 in. / 28mm and, depending on model, the motors can develop speeds up to 70,000 RPM under varying loads. Achievable continuous torque ratings approach 15 oz-in for the larger diameter series.

All models incorporate patented “Parallex” winding geometry promoting high efficiency by delivering more power using less energy. They additionally feature high-energy neodymium magnets for enhanced performance, robust construction with stainless steel housings for durability and corrosion-resistance, and precision and shielded ABEC bearings and balanced rotors contributing to smooth and quiet operation. Autoclavable versions are also available and capable of realizing extremely high cycle count.

Other standard features include 2- or 4-pole rotor, 3-phase stator, and Hall sensors. The motors can be customized with planetary gearboxes, optical encoders, and controllers, among other options, to tailor motor to application.



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