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Well-known creators of existing 3D content have collaborated on a new "From the Experts" set of guidelines available from the 3D@Home Consortium website.

The experts’ advice and topical “White Papers” are valuable additions to the consortium’s online repository of information for the stereoscopic 3D community, which includes producers and directors, through rig operators and 3D systems engineers.

Located on the consortium’s website at http://www.3DatHome.org, these sections augment information on 3D products, live 3D events, an industry glossary and more.

Visitors to the “From the Experts” section of www.3DatHome.org will obtain both quantitative and qualitative recommendations on creating 3D content from highly regarded stereographers of films such as “Avatar”, “U2 3D”, and “Beowulf”, as well as links to high-quality 3D information being published by others in the 3D community.

Jon Shapiro, chair of Steering Team 1 on 3D content creation and co-founder of high-end 3D gear maker, 3ality Digital, notes, ” Not all 3D is created equal. Continued growth of a robust home market requires that consistently high quality 3D content is available. We believe that “From the Experts” will help to educate the next generation of 3D stereographers, directors, producers, and technicians, as well as amateurs, and thus improve the consistency of 3D video overall.”


Other experts have prepared white papers on 3D technology signal processing and market overviews. These papers reveal valuable information to the engineering community currently trying to create technology and processes for successful integration of 3D into broadcast, hardware and software platforms. A steady stream of papers will be posted in the coming weeks on other topics, including: rendering in 3D, the evolution of 3DTV formats, 3DTV compression rates, real-time holography, and 3D photography.


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