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AutomationDirect's new IronHorse permanent magnet DC 56C-frame motor line features totally enclosed non-vented (TENV) and totally enclosed fan-cooled (TEFC) models. The motors are constructed of a rolled steel frame with cast aluminum end bell, and are available in sizes ranging from .33 to 2HP. IronHorse DC motors are ideal for applications such as conveyors, turntables, and whenever adjustable speed, constant torque, dynamic braking and reversing capabilities are needed.

IronHorse DC motors, with a base 1800 RPM, are designed for use on unfiltered SCR (Thyristor) type 115 or 230V rectified AC inputs, when used with an appropriate SCR drive. They may also be used with PWM (pulse width modulated) type DC adjustable speed drives.

Other features include linear speed/torque characteristics over the entire speed range, high starting torques for heavy load applications, reversible rotation, and dynamic braking capability for faster stops. Large brushes provide for longer brush life. All IronHorse DC motors are shipped with a set of brushes in the motor, with an extra set of brushes included in the box

IronHorse DC motors can be mounted to the Stable motor slide bases for accurate and easy motor positioning. Available in sizes from NEMA 56C- NEMA 449T.



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