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Agilent and CMC Microsystems collaborate to provide EDA Tools to Canadian universities and colleges


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Agilent Technologies Inc. today announced a collaboration with CMC Microsystems that will benefit academic institutions across Canada.

Under the terms of the collaboration, students, teachers and researchers at Canadian Universities and Colleges may obtain the company’s suite of Agilent EEsof EDA software, at preferred rates from CMC Microsystems. The collaboration provides students, teachers and researchers with access to industry-leading electronic design automation (EDA) software for RF, microwave and signal integrity applications.

"CMC Microsystems provides microsystems’ researchers, teachers and students with industry-caliber design resources, access to state-of-the-art prototyping technologies, tools for test, and support services," said Lynda Moore, director of Supply and Services, CMC Microsystems. "Delivering cost-effective access to the Agilent EEsof suite of software tools is yet another step in fulfilling that mission. By continually stimulating innovation in microsystems’ research, we are
fostering the development of highly qualified people who create new products, companies and jobs — all of which are vital to fueling all sectors of the economy."
"We realize the critical role universities and colleges play in pushing the limits of modern EDA tools, and we are committed to supporting the needs of universities and colleges," says P.K. Lam, account manager with Agilent Technologies. "Our collaboration with CMC Microsystems enables us to make a significant contribution to the future of microelectronics and gives universities and colleges across Canada access to our EDA resources, empowering further scientific success in academia."
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