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Development platform featuring analog devices


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The BF518F FMC embedded processing development kit is ideal for speeding time to market for industrial, instrumentation and energy management designs.

The Avnet Electronics Marketing announces the release of the BF518F FMC Development Kit. This VITA57 compatible development platform features the Analog Devices Blackfin BF518F processor. This kit runs the Microsoft .NET Micro Framework operating system, making it ideal for use in embedded industrial automation applications where low power and convergent processing are essential. This is the first development platform on the market which combines the benefits of the Blackfin architecture with the .NET Micro Framework operating system.

The Analog Devices BF518F FMC Development Kit offers hardware/software design engineers the flexibility they need by providing an I/O mezzanine card, electrically compatible with the FMC VITA57 specification. This feature enables the connection to FMC carrier cards and facilitates the development of applications using the Analog Devices BF518F Blackfin processor with field programmable gate arrays (FPGA). The result is a modular, convenient development platform ideal for integrating hard-wired control applications with a flexible and familiar software environment and network connectivity for industrial automation and smart energy management applications.




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