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AUCONET presents the world's first vendor-independent network access control management solution


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At the SC World Congress in New York City, AUCONET is presenting PortSecurityManager 2.0, the first IEEE 802.1X-compatible network access control management solution for vendor-independent high-level security in complex heterogeneous networks.

This innovative network management platform offers extensive security mechanisms and resource administration with pinpoint inventory function in real time.

"Firewalls, anti-virus programs and VPN access merely block the external sources of danger. But 70% of the risks for a company’s network security are hidden deep within the company itself. To tackle this frequently ignored problem, the latest version of PortSecurityManager offers a strong solution that can be implemented quickly and generates a fast return on investment," says AUCONET’s Managing Director Frank Winter.

PortSecurityManager 2.0 provides vendor-independent, state-of-the-art network security in accordance with IEEE 802.1X and also integrates standard SNMP devices for total security support for non-802.1X-enabled devices. As a result, access control is no longer depending on vendors or age of network components. Cost-intensive procurement of new equipment and time-consuming installation obligations are avoided. Additionally, PortSecurityManager integrates itself smoothly and fully automated into existing system environments and rapidly locates more than 400,000 network ports, manageable with a highly intuitive graphical one-click user interface.




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