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Innovations at AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation are enabling the company to produce smaller, more compact amplifiers with just as much power as the older, larger models.

The new “A” Series amplifiers, for example, are 25% — 50% smaller than previous models, yet the new size does not mean a reduction in power. These newer, smaller models fit easily into a control room; and because of the new design, they are more efficient, using less energy than other amplifiers. The smaller, more efficient design also results in an increased performance to price ratio. In other words you get more for your money.

The new “A” Series includes the following models:

Model 2500A225 (10 kHz – 225 MHz / 2500 watts)
Model 1000A225 (10 kHz – 225 MHz / 1000 watts)
Model 500A250A (10 kHz – 250 MHz / 500 watts)

With the wide frequency range, it’s now possible to test to virtually any standard with the “A” Series amplifiers.


Each model features the latest FET technology, and can be controlled remotely with IEEE, RS-232, USB and Ethernet interfaces.



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