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Industry's first analysis of Intel's 32 nm "Westmere" process available from Chipworks


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Ottawa's Chipworks announced the availability of the first detailed technology analysis of Intel's 32 nm "Westmere" process. The full suite of reverse engineering analysis includes a Structural Analysis Report, a Transistor Characterization Report, and a Packaging Analysis Report.

"Our analysis shows that this 32 nm process continues to keep Intel ahead of the game. The transistor design is very different than what we saw in the previous generation 45 nm high-k metal gate process, which was itself a radical design when compared to the competition. The Westmere employs second generation metal gates and second generation low-k dielectrics in the metallization stack," said Dick James, Senior Technology Analyst with Chipworks. "The Chipworks reports provide exacting detail and analysis that far exceeds information available from simple product teardowns. Leading semiconductor companies use our reports to reduce the risk of billion dollar long-term investments, save millions in development costs, and earn millions in new revenue by getting better products to market faster."

The Structural Analysis Report provides comprehensive analysis of the process technology, materials, and design rules using advanced lab techniques and the latest microscopy.

The Transistor Characterization Report delivers an analysis of the DC electrical characteristics obtained by microprobing of both the NMOS and PMOS transistors on the 32 nm device using atomic force microscopy (AFM).

The Packaging Analysis Report presents a cross-sectional analysis of the packaging technology using SEM and materials analyses.


Reports will begin shipping October 20th.



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