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Clickfree offers effortless backup solution


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Ontario's Clickfree announced the availability of the Transformer SE.

It allows users to automatically backup their irreplaceable digital photos, videos music and other data files onto the excess storage space of any external USB hard drive, iPod or iPhone. It can also be used to automatically import music from any iPod or iPhone to any computer – Windows or Mac.

With over 220 million iPods sold worldwide and their full capacity’s rarely met, the Transformer SE’s innovative iPod backup functionality is the perfect, solution for business travelers, students and others who do not own an external USB hard drive but need their digital content backed up.

In addition, the Transformers SE also allows you to retrieve music collections and playlists off any iPhone or iPod with a simple click of a button. This allows users to import music that had been locked on any model iPod/iPhone to any computer quickly and easily.

Backup starts automatically simply connecting your USB hard drive, iPod or iPhone to the Transformer SE. Only the excess capacity of your device will be used: none of the existing content will ever be overwritten.


"Millions of people have bought external USB hard drives with the intention of conducting regular backups – but those devices are now gathering dust. Most people find that it’s too time consuming to copy and paste over all their computers content or too complicated to install the poorly designed software that came with the drive they originally purchased. As a result, those external drives have become nothing more than an expensive paperweight. The Transformer SE brings those units back to life and allows you to effortlessly backup all of your precious memories and data simply by plugging it in." says Bryan McLeod, CEO of Clickfree. "Consumers are looking for super easy electronic products that won’t hurt their wallets, especially with the holidays quickly approaching. Clickfree has created an all-in-one solution that allows you to take advantage of the storage products you already own".



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