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Microchip introduces energy-saving MCUs

This video provides a quick introduction to Microchip Technology’s nanoWatt XLP eXtreme Low Power technology.  PIC® microcontrollers featuring nanoWatt XLP technology are useful in designing embedded applications with extremely low power consumption.

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Microchip introduces energy-saving MCUs

Microchip Technology Inc. announced the low-cost, low pin count PIC24F04KA201 family of 16-bit microcontrollers - the latest to feature nanoWatt XLP extreme low power technology. They also feature small-footprint 14- and 20-pin package options, making the PIC24F04KA201 MCU family ideal for battery-powered applications, energy-harvesting applications and other power-constrained applications that are also cost and space constrained. Play video

The PIC24F04KA201 MCUs’ offers 20 nA sleep currents because of Deep Sleep mode. By isolating power to various circuits during sleep, Deep Sleep mode reduces power consumption to a minimum. Additionally, it gives designers the flexibility to customize their applications for the lowest power consumption through multiple internal wake-up sources, such as Brown-Out Resets, interrupts and Watch-dog Timers, all while maintaining the I/O states.

The PIC24F04KA201 MCU family has high C-code efficiency and computational horsepower, which makes it well suited for applications requiring advanced algorithms. Other key features include:

    * Up to 16 MIPS operation using 32 MHz internal clock
    * 4 Kbytes Flash, and 512 bytes SRAM
    * 10-bit, up to 9 channel, 500 ksps Analog-to-Digital Converter
    * mTouchâ„¢ Capacitive Touch Sensing Peripheral
    * 2 Rail-to-Rail Comparators
    * SPI, I2Câ„¢ and UART modules for serial communications

Example applications for the new PIC24F04KA microcontrollers include: Medical (portable and home medical devices, oxygen flow meters, lifestyle/fitness monitors); Industrial (energy harvesting/scavenging, water/gas/heat meters, portable gas sensors, remote sensor networks, asset tracking, sealed/harsh environment sensors); and Consumer (security-system dongles, sealed disposable electronics, portable electronics, smart cards).