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Mouser stocks fiber optic lighting cables


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Stock includes new Amphenol Spectra-Strip TapeLite and XpandoLite Ribbon Lighting.

<divMouser Electronics, Inc. is stocking Amphenol Spectra-Strip TapeLite and XpandoLite fiber optic lighting cables.

Mouser’s Amphenol Spectra-Strip stock includes TapeLite and XpandoLite, which are fiber-optic lighting cable systems. The fiber-optic cables emit continuous side lighting along the entire length of the cables. Illuminators and color wheels add interest to the lighting with constant, moving, or changing colors across the cables. Energy efficient (1.4 watts per foot) with no bulbs to burn out, the TapeLite and XpandoLite products are safe for underwater use as no electricity flows through the cables.

Barry McConnell, Mouser Senior Vice President of Products, is excited about the application possibilities of the new ribbon fiber lighting. “Amphenol’s release of the TapeLite and XpandoLite product lines presents endless opportunities for lighting designers. The cables are green technology, require virtually no maintenance, are inexpensive to operate, and the unique design looks great wherever they are installed. That’s a lot to ask of lighting, but Amphenol has really come through,” says McConnell.




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