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Agilent Technologies is offering webcasts on test requirements for new design compliance with digital standards

<divNew standard technologies in computing and communication require new and creative measurement approaches.

Agilent offers a series of webcasts to provide the right answers to the test requirements of new designs compliant with digital standards. The presentations are created for R&D and test engineers who need to validate high-speed digital I/O interfaces in the semiconductor, computer, storage, consumer or communications industries

Agilent’s experts address test approaches and solutions to deal with some of the biggest challenges embedded designers facing today with Memory, PCIe2, USB, SATA DisplayPort, HDMI,etc. Specific topics include:  

– Solving high-speed DDR Signal Integrity and probing challenges


– Ensuring interoperability and performance of your DDR Memory subsystem

– USB 3.0 Superspeed PHY testing challenges: verify your 5Gbps design to the specification

– Debugging and characterization of embedded PCI Express(r) applications

– Serial ATA (SATA) Revision 3.0 PHY testing challenges: verify your 6
Gbps design to the spec

– Virtual probing with real-time oscilloscopes and waveform transformation and simulation software

– Capture and analysis of pulsed RADAR Signals

– Fast and accurate multi-port PDL / IL measurements

– New scope technology accelerates FPGA debug

Webcasts are available online now, each presentation is one hour.



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