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40V Schottky rectifier


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CTLSH1-40M563 1A, 40V Schottky rectifier from Central Semiconductor is packaged in the TLM563 surface mount case. Designed to be a drop-in replacement for existing SOT-563 devices, this new device also provides outstanding low VF characteristics, improved power dissipation, and a lower profile than the SOT-563 package.

CTLSH1-40M563 has a low forward voltage drop of only 290mV @ 10mA, and 450mV @ 500mA, and is ideal for portable battery powered applications. Longer on-state conditions often necessitate larger package types to handle higher power requirements. The CTLSH1-40M563’s 500mW power dissipation rating is a 43% improvement over the 350mW devices in SOT-563.

In addition to superior electrical specifications, the CTLSH1-40M563 packaged in the TLM563 case has a maximum profile of 0.43mm which is 28% lower than in SOT-563, and effectively addresses height limitations of less than 0.6mm.




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