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Mitsubishi Plastics launches VIEW-BARRIER


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Super high gas barrier film a step towards printable electronics.

<divVIEW-BARRIER is a specific type of X-BARRIER (launched by MPI in July 2008).  Designed for use in front panels of electronic devices, VIEW-BARRIER is a modified film based on TECHBARRIER Technologies, which has been used in high performance food, medical, pharmaceutical and industrial packaging around the world since 1991. 

Some of the VIEW-BARRIER products achieve an area of water vapor transmission rate of 10-4 g/m2/day which will allow for flexible, roll-to-roll production of plastic electronics.  This property has little deterioration even under long term high temperature, high humidity circumstances.  In addition to these superior water vapor barrier properties, they also have other gas barrier properties for oxygen and carbon dioxide. VIEW-BARRIER is a transparent material with a metal-free structure. Functions such as anti-reflection, anti-glare, UV-cut, masking-protection, PSA-adhesive, high transparency, low contamination, and the stability of gas barrier properties under high temperature and high humidity, can be adapted to meet customer needs.

The potential application of VIEW-BARRIER is for the front panel of electronic devices such as electronic paper, organic/non-organic electro-luminescence and photovoltaic modules in addition to providing “next generation” thin, light and low-cost flat panel displays.  Of greater significance is the possibility of a “roll-to-roll” process rather than glass-plate batch fabrication.  Because of this, VIEW-BARRIER has the potential to make “printable electronics” possible.




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