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Government grants for next gen engineers


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The Canadian government has announced $1.9 million in new funding for 52 organizations across Canada working to engage young Canadians in science and engineering.

The grants are awarded through the PromoScience program of the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC). The funded organizations include museums, science centres, universities, non-governmental organizations and other groups from across the country. They offer a wide range of learning experiences in a variety of areas, from encouraging interest in science among Aboriginal girls, to chemistry and physics Olympiads, environmental science, mathematics, and gene research.

“The grants announced are an important investment in the scientists and engineers of tomorrow,” said Dr. Suzanne Fortier, President of NSERC. “It’s great to see such a wide range of groups from across Canada committed to giving young people an opportunity to discover the exciting world of science and technology.”

NSERC’s PromoScience program offers up to three years of funding to organizations promoting science and engineering to young Canadians. The new awards were announced at the 2009 Canada Wide Science Fair in Winnipeg.

A complete list of recipients can be found on NSERC’s Web site.



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