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Agilent adds new test features for WiMAX


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Agilent Technologies Announces New Functional Test Features for the E6651A Mobile WiMAX Test Set Family.

Agilent Technologies Inc. has added new functional test features to its E6651A Mobile WiMAX test set family. Now offering support for mobile station (MS) and base station (BS) initiated handover, sleep and idle mode, and security features, the E6651A test set is suited for Mobile WiMAX developers performing R&D, system integration and verification, or conformance test in RF, protocol and functional application test.

“The E6651A test set family provides the solid foundation on which Agilent’s protocol conformance test and network conformance test solutions are built,” said Niels Faché, vice president and general manager of Agilent’s Mobile Broadband Operation. “Today’s introduction of new test features illustrates our commitment to supporting the needs of engineers, design teams and test houses working in the emerging WiMAX marketplace. We will continue to provide valuable feature updates that keep pace with the needs of our customers.”

Agilent’s new features for the E6651A test set include:


Handover support
With support for MS and BS initiated handover, the E6651A allows the engineer to check handover capabilities of the MS prior to testing on a real network.

Sleep and idle mode support
This capability enables the engineer to test the functionality of the DUT’s sleep and idle modes, and supports battery-life testing. Sleep mode extends the “talk time” battery life, while the idle mode extends the “standby” battery life. The Agilent E6651A currently supports MS and BS initiated idle mode and provides added flexibility for the paging parameters.

Security features
Support for a “pass through” between the E6651A and the FreeRADIUS AAA server, and PKMv2 Security/Authorization/ Encryption allows the engineer to perform functional test on a MS’s security features without having to test on a live network. PKMv2 support is needed to perform network entry without disabling IUT security.

Uplink Collaborative MIMO
This capability allows the protocol to connect to, and functionally test, an MS in uplink collaborative MIMO mode. Analog IQ hardware inputs added to the uplink path of the E6651A (baseband analyzer) that support baseband chipset/module tests during development and integration.

The Agilent E6651A Mobile WiMAX test set is the industry’s first integrated test set for testing mobile WiMAX devices. It offers a combination of flexible base-station emulation and RF parametric tests for subscriber station tests in one integrated unit, with support for IEEE 802.16e 2005 protocol conformance test. It provides instrument-grade RF signal generation and signal analysis capability up to 6 GHz and is capable of addressing current and planned WiMAX profiles. A full suite of RF measurements can be used for characterization, calibration and verification of WiMAX transmitter and receiver performance.



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