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Radio-via-Ethernet Board for Streaming Audio Without a PC


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Wiz-iRadio is a ready-to-go answer for creating an Internet radio solution that will play streaming audio without the need for a PC. Based on Wiznet’s hard-coded W5100 Ethernet IC and an ARM7 processor and MP3 decoder, Wiz- iRadio’s mother/daughterboard construction provides all needed connectors, and a helpful backlit 128 x 64 pixel graphic LCD for program and song-file information. It comes with its own infrared remote control. Wiz-iRadio allows you to listen to Web-based radio stations broadcasting an audio stream in MP3 format. The module can connect to servers with Shoutcast, MMS and HTTP, DHCP or static IP. Running from 5V, Wiz-iRadio needs less than 180mA.



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