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Luxell Completes Design Stage for Military Retrofit Program


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Luxell Technologies Inc. announced that it has successfully completed the design review stage of a program aimed at retrofitting one of its rugged displays for military use.

“Completing the design phase is a significant step in our mandate to
develop prototypes of very specialized rugged displays that we believe
that can be successfully retrofitted within existing military
equipment,” said company CEO Jean-Louis Larmor. “The experience gained
in this project will be extremely beneficial as other retrofit
opportunities continue to emerge.” As announced previously, Luxell
signed an agreement valued at approximately US$400,000 (US) to develop
customized liquid crystal display (LCD) prototypes that provide
improved flight situation awareness data to military pilots. The next
phase of the program will involve delivery of the first units to the
U.S.-based customer as well as integration on the customer’s test bench.


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