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CMC To Host Nanoelectronics Research Conference


Electronics CEL

CMC Microsystems’ annual symposium, to be held October 14-15 in Ottawa, will include a research conference on nanoelectronics. The peer-reviewed conference will feature postgraduate research from among the best students in Canada.
• Oral presentations and posters presenting recent research results.
All papers undergo a rigorous peer-review process to ensure the highest quality of technical material. Oral presentations are in competition for financial awards.
• A meeting place for current and next-generation leaders who are driving advanced technology R&D.
Canada’s best HQP talent and future leaders in advanced technology areas connect and exchange knowledge with current leaders from industry, academia, and government.
Researchers, industry leaders, and government stakeholders should attend this event to build relationships with Canada’s top research talent and leaders from science and engineering communities, and to discuss progress in research and technology development.


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