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Rugged Membrane Switches


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Membrane switches are rugged, long lasting switch arrays, while graphic overlays are the visual interface and protective layers on top of the membrane switches. Together, they combine ease of use with visual appeal. Separately, each product fulfills a variety of functions. Ampco has a full understanding of the uses and advantages of each. With their custom design, low profile and simple installation, Ampco’s membrane switches are for a variety of industrial, commercial and consumer products. Membrane switches are a common component in product user interfaces, and are used in portable electronics, diagnostic equipment, medical devices and consumer products such as cell phones. This technology is well suited to applications in the marine, aviation, oil and automotive sectors. Ampco’s graphic overlays are durable decals that can incorporate display windows, diffuse LED light, and seal and protect manufactured products. They are also used to enhance product design when layered on top of a membrane switch.


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