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Handheld Real-Time Spectrum Analyzers Show Live RF


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Tektronix Inc. has announced the SA2600 handheld real-time spectrum analyzer that includes DPX waveform image processor technology that provides a live RF view of the spectrum.  DPX is now also available on the H600 ‘RF Hawk’ handheld unit originally introduced in February.  With these additions, Tektronix offers a full portfolio of real-time spectrum analyzers with DPX for use in the field and the design bench. DPX waveform image processing provides a unique live RF view of the spectrum, enabling an unprecedented RF signal discovery capability for a broad range of applications including radio communications and spectrum management.  DPX transforms volumes of real-time data and produces a live RF spectrum display that reveals previously unseen RF signals and signal anomalies.  The SA2600 with 10kHz-6.2GHz frequency coverage, 20 MHz real time bandwidth and -153dBm displayed average noise level (DANL) is designed to deliver benchtop spectrum analyzer performance in a battery-operated, handheld field unit.


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