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Soft Front Panel Application for PXI/CompactPCI


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KineticSystems has launched SoftView, a tool that integrates KineticSystems’ entire line of PXI/CompactPCI instruments into a single software package. At the touch of a button, the user can invoke operations on the instrument such as calibration, reset, data acquisition start and stop. The touch of another button brings up a dialog for configuring all of the instrument’s properties such as overall sample rate, individual channel enable, filter range, and input level properties. Once the instrument is configured, the Start button in SoftView activates data acquisition. The instrument is placed in run mode, and the input signals from enabled channels are displayed in a real-time graph window or a numeric table. Autonomous events (interrupts) are displayed as well. With a few mouse clicks, the user can explore the instrument’s functionalities and properties, adjust filter, input range, debounce, and other settings, as well as start acquisition and test the results immediately.


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