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The new DIN Rail mounted RAD-ISM-900-BUS DATA from Phoenix Contact is equipped with a frequency hopping spread spectrum radio modem for RS232, RS 485/RS422 serial data communications in heavy interference areas with Class 1, Div 2 certified by UL. The radio modem will support input/output serial data rates of 1200, 2400, 9600, 19200 and 38400 baud (asynchronous). The radio modem uses the license free ISM carrier bands from 902 to 928MHz and has 1 Watt transmit power. Each radio modem will be capable of acting as a master, slave or repeater/slave. The radio modem will support transparent data communications as well as packet communications and have an auto-routing feature to enable the building of routing tables using MODBUS and Allen-Bradley (DF1) addresses. The operating range is set at -40° to 70°C with humidity of 0-90 % non-condensing. The maximum transmission distance is 32km. http://www.phoenixcontact.ca



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