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Xerox Canada Partners with Athabasca University


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TORONTO — (CNW) — As part of Xerox Corp.’s global commitment to science and education, Xerox Canada has partnered with Athabasca University to develop a research program focused on advancing mobile learning and e-learning for students living in remote or rural areas of Canada. Xerox has awarded Athabasca $250,000 to develop technologies for distance education programs and to support a research chair in learning technologies.The award aligns with the company’s model of open, collaborative innovation that supports the academic community while advancing the frontiers of knowledge.  "It’s a natural partnership," said Dr. Frits Pannekoek, Athabasca University’s president. "Xerox is recognized internationally as a leader in
developing innovative business systems and Athabasca University is a recognized world leader in distance education. The strategic alliance will let both organizations grow and learn from each other." The research will focus on ways to use small, portable devices such as MP3 players and PDAs to deliver courses and instructional material. Similar research has led to the development of technologies that allow nursing students living in northern Canada to use technology originally developed for playing music videos to study heart monitor read-outs generated in teaching hospitals in southern Canada. www.xerox.com


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