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TORONTO ? With the installation of 16 new tools, including sputtering tools from Ulvac Technologies Inc., Ifire Technology has taken a major step in its pilot project to develop and manufacture thick-film dielectric electroluminescent (TDEL) display modules.

With video performance characteristics that surpass CRT technology and a substantial manufacturing cost advantage over other flat panel display technologies, Ifire?s TDEL display technology has the potential to become an alternative for the mass consumer flat panel television market. Ifire plans to initially target the mid-30-inch screen size segment of the flat panel television market in partnership with major consumer electronics companies.
The installation of Ulvac production systems at Ifire?s flat panel display R&D facility means the company is ready for pilot production. Ifire?s existing research and development cleanroom has been expanded from 15,000 sq. ft to 25,000 sq. ft. to accommodate the pilot manufacturing facility.
   The financing for the construction of the pilot plant was achieved through a $50-million equity financing arrangement completed by Ifire?s parent company, Westaim Corp. and though a previously announced US$10-million in capital financing from Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP).
   Currently, DNP is making available its primary production line in Kashiwa, Japan for front-end manufacturing of Ifire?s TDEL display technology. The front-end processes include substrate preparation and the fabrication of row electrodes and thick-film dielectric layers on 34-inch glass substrates.
  The partially completed panels will then be shipped to Ifire?s facility in Toronto, where the deposition of phosphors, column electrodes and colour correction layers, as well as electronics assembly, are completed.



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