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Dialight Corp. offers its 586 series of based LEDs, which includes the T 31/4 (T10) wedge and T 13/4 (T5) wedge for applications such as illuminating switches, panel indicators and reels in gaming equipment.

July 7, 2005  Staff

Mounting directly into industry standard sockets, the units are designed to replace many popular subminiature and miniature incandescent lamps. Using advanced AlInGap and InGaN technology in a multi-LED design, they provide illumination and the ability to mix colours. In addition, they last much longer than incandescent lamps ? up to 100,000 hours ? draw 90% less power, resist shock and vibration and generate no heat. Featuring true non-polarized design, both lamps are available in 6, 12, 14 and 24 VDC; the T 1 3/4 wedge is also available in a 28 VDC version. Operating temperatures range from -30 degrees C to +85 degrees C (storage temperature: 40 degrees C to +100 degrees C).

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