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Frame Grabber Family Supports PCI-X and FPGA Technology


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Matrox Imaging has launched a frame grabber family that supports PCI-X and FPGA technology.

The Matrox Solios XCL supports either two independent Camera Link Base ports or a single Camera Link Medium port. The board captures from base or medium Camera Link area or line scan cameras at up to 66 MHz, and can also perform complete image reconstruction from multi-tap cameras.
 The Matrox Solios XA has up to four completely independent inputs, each capable of high fidelity video capture at a maximum rate of 65 MHz per input. In addition to supporting simultaneous acquisition from up to four single-tap video sources, the inputs can be combined to acquire from two dual-tap video sources or one RGB video source.
 Both the Solios XCL and Solios XA offer an optional, customizable processing core based on the Altera Stratix FPGA family to accelerate specific routines in an application. The Altera Stratix devices are available with or without memory (SDRAM and/or SRAM) to offer users flexibility for their application needs.


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