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RCD key supplier to NATO defence contractors


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Military-grade parts are processed through MIL Group A screening.
MANCHESTER, N.H. - RCD Components Inc., a leading manufacturer of passive components, has attained approval to supply seven defence drawings for high pulse voltage resistors.

The parts are said to be similar to its commercial grade CFZ series, however, the CFZ military-grade parts are processed through rigorous MIL Group A screening (DC resistance, visual inspection, mechanical inspection, solderability) and optional MIL Group B screening (life testing, voltage coefficient, dielectric withstanding voltage, insulation resistance, pulse resistance, low temperature operation, thermal shock, low temperature storage, moisture resistance, short time overload, resistance temperature characteristic, terminal strength, resistance to soldering heat, and resistance to fungus).

RCD is reportedly the only company that the Defense Supply Center suggests as a viable source for these parts. RCD has a 30-year history with MIL-spec components and is a key supplier to the U.S. and NATO defence contractors. In many cases, RCD provides customized components for applications which have requirements unachievable by ordinary MIL-spec components, such as increased voltage levels, smaller package sizes, higher operating frequency, flameproof and/or fusible, thermally stable, high temperature, pulse tolerant, high vibration, hermetically-sealed, temperature sensitive, expanded resistance ranges, low distortion, low noise, nonmagnetic, et cetera, as well as components designed for harsh environments (tropical, naval, high-vacuum, et cetera). RCD’s environmental test lab has complete on-site test capability and is NIST traceable for reliability.

RCD’s latest catalog is available from http://www.rcdcomponents.com/.



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