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24-bit, 625kSa/s Smart PXIe digitizer boosts analog performance

VTI INSTRUMENTS EMX-4350 4-channel, 24-bit smart digitizer module for the PXI Express data acquisition platform delivers 625kSa/s data rates simultaneously across all channels. EMX-4350 provides granularity in 4 channel increments allowing for scalability and matching with any PXIe or PXI (in hybrid systems) modules in building a modular system to fit any application. Combining the unit with model CMX09, 9 slot PXIe chassis allows for deterministic slot-to-slot communication and control with data bandwidth of up to 8GB/s. Maximum data rates can be achieved across all channels on fully loaded 9 slot and 18 slot chassis for up to 68 channels acquiring data simultaneously on one PXIe 3U rack mounted chassis.


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