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February 18, 2017 by Leroy Spence, sales and business manager, EU Automation

The best of industrial automation is yet to come

Leroy Spence, sales and business manager at industrial spare supplier EU Automation, outlines the industry super trends that are anticipated to change the face of manufacturing in 2017.  Connectivity Regardless of whether you call it Industry 4.0, the Industrial Internet

February 9, 2017 by Dr Harry Zervos, Principal Analyst, IDTechEx

Robotics Sensing: Why now?

Innovation in robotics is moving ahead at a fast pace, spearing ahead the expected proliferation of robots in new and existing applications. Deploying sensors in robotics allows for the creation of robots that can “see” and “feel”, in a biomimetic

January 30, 2017 by Rob Boyd, senior product manager, Schleuniger Inc.

The impact of German automotive OEM connector test specification LV 214-4

It goes without saying that every manufacturer wants to ensure they are producing a quality product. Standards and specifications from various organizations provide a guideline from which manufacturers can measure different areas of quality, while also providing the end user

January 23, 2017 by Sonja Brown, director of product marketing – piezo and protection devices, EPCOS, a TDK Group Company

ESD and heat protection considerations for LED design

There are several factors that can affect solid state lighting in electronic design from stress issues, to packaging-related issues to component-related issues. Design engineers must take these factors into account. There are five key threats that affect the reliability of

January 16, 2017 by Eric Grange, industry marketing manager – automotive, C&K

Optimizing and customizing electromechanical components for automotive applications

User interface is an extremely important aspect of any vehicle ‘experience.’  Obviously, electromechanical components, including switches, in automotive applications must provide high reliability and long operating life but their utility can’t end there. Switches must also add to the look

January 9, 2017 by Andrew Krabeepetcharat, procurement research analyst, IBISWorld

Five emerging tech markets to watch

These five relatively new markets are worth keeping an eye on during 2017 as demand and commercial and personal use increase.

January 2, 2017 by Jennifer Langston, University of Washington

Interscatter communication enables advanced smart wearables

University of Washington researchers have introduced a new way of communicating that allows devices such as brain implants, contact lenses, credit cards and smaller wearable electronics to talk to everyday devices such as smartphones and watches. This new ‘interscatter communication’

December 27, 2016 by Don Hnatyshin, SVP, Chief Supply Chain & Procurement Officer, Jabil

Transforming the Supply Chain for Today’s Digital Economy

Today’s digital economy, where customers want tailored products delivered immediately via their preferred channel, is putting enormous pressure on companies to modernize their traditional supply chains. In addition to meeting the needs of the now generation, these new, digital supply

December 19, 2016 by Duane Benson, chief technology champion at Screaming Circuits

Seven cost reduction design tips for ‘makers’

As a ‘maker’, you really need a decent price, with good quality and good service. Contrary to what many people think, you don’t need to look outside of North America for this. You can keep your gaze west of the

December 12, 2016 by By Gerry Fung, vice-president of business services at NorthBridge Consultants, Cambridge ON

How to protect your intellectual property and leverage it to fund commercialization

Whether your company is commercializing products or providing new or improved services, Intellectual Property (IP) is one of the most important assets for technology-based companies as it relates directly to cash flow generation. In the long term, the protection of

December 8, 2016 by MG Chemicals

Conductive coatings simplify the EMI/RFI suppression process

EMI/RFI is a growing issue in electronics and engineers must design solutions to manage it. Conductive coatings can commonly be an effective part of the solution. MG Chemicals recently launched a new line of conductive coatings for EMI/RFI suppression, which

November 28, 2016 by Tom Tillman, director of marketing, TDK-Lambda

Selecting a power supply based on field lifetimes and reliability

Introduction When specifying a power supply for a new, commercial (non-military) project, Engineers face a daunting number of models and manufacturers to choose from. On-line distributors have responded with a range of search tools, allowing a potential customer to select