Harting Modular solutions Webinar

DatesFebruary 15 2013
CityElgin, Illinois, United States
SummaryIt started with the Han-Modular system, which introduced the ability to mix connections, signal, data, and power, in a single rectangular connector. Since then HARTING has revolutionized the industrial connector industry with the introduction of the Han-Yellock series that boasts an internal locking mechanism for safe, easy connection and disconnection and the light weight, economical Han-Eco® series. Each segment of this two-part webinar will focus on the newest editions to each of the product lines.
SponsorsHarting connectors
Main BodyTwo-part webinar series on Harting's Han-Yellock and Han-Eco systems.
ScheduleTime: 1:00 - 2:00 PM (CST)
Additional InfoPart 1: Han-Yellock Update and Modular Solutions