Vancouver - May 28

Presenter: AMPCO
Topic: Membrane Switch Interface Design
Time: 10:00am, Main Foyer

Details: Rugged, reliable and cost-effective, Membrane Switches are the choice for many equipment interfaces.  In this free one hour seminar, learn how a membrane switch can benefit your product appeal by providing a durable interface for any environment such as marine, aviation, medical, oil field and mining. With over 20 years’ experience in helping product designers incorporate interfaces, the presenter will take you through pitfalls and many handy tips to help your product design be successful.  To register, please go to: register.ampcomfg.com

Presenter: AMPCO
Topic: Durable Graphics Solutions
Time: 11:30am, Main Foyer

Details: All equipment needs durable markings for agency ratings, instructions, specifications, accident prevention, and branding. This seminar will help you gain knowledge on materials, adhesives, and processes to solve your specific product marking requirements. With over 20 years’ experience in helping specify durable product markings, the presenter will take you through pitfalls and many handy tips to help your product design be successful.
To register, please go to: register.ampcomfg.com

Presenter: Comtree/Kyzen
Topic: It’s all about the Dirt! – Cleaning No-Cleans and Other Contaminants
Time: 11:30am, Lower/Actors Room

Details: Manufacturers today are cleaning not just to remove WS flux residue.  We will explore the concerns of leaving other contaminants, and especially no-clean flux residue, on modern electronic assemblies.  Many such devices incorporate Bottom Termination Components (BTCs); which limit access of the cleaning fluid to the soil. Understand how to clean all pcb assemblies and provide general process conditions that will successfully remove flux residue and other contamination from under and around modern BTC devices.
Registration: Please send contact information to: andrea@comtreeinc.com

Presenter: TestEquity
Topic: Introducing the new Keysight Infinivision 3000T oscilloscopes
Time: 1:00pm, Upper Foyer

Details: The New 3000T X series oscilloscope enhances the popular infiniiVision 3000 X Series by adding a touch screen interface and extended analysis capability. Now you can get to your measurement insights faster.
During this one hour presentation, we will discuss and demonstrate the new features  of this 3000T Oscilloscope that will allow you to discover and solve your issues much faster than ever.
Come and see live the latest member of the InfiniiVision oscilloscope series.
To register please contact: Mark.Allison@TestEquity.Com or Jan.Bui@TestEquity.Com

Presenter: Hansen Industries
Topic: Oil Prices Will Never Go Below $50 a Barrel
Time: 1:00pm, Main Foyer

Details: This one hour seminar consists of two parts:
1) We may not know what the price of oil will be next month but the one thing we are certain of is that there will be constant change. The first half will focus on the use of leadership, innovation and automation to help keep manufacturing in Canada by adapting to constant change.
2) The second half will include an overview of the latest technology, equipment, and production methods used to manufacture hardware for the electronics manufacturing industry.
To register go to: https://events.r20.constantcontact.com/register/eventReg?oeidk=a07eafdglnhfa7199ae&oseq=&c=&ch

Presenter: Synovus Solutions
Topic: Simplifying test automation with LabVIEW
Time: 1:00PM, Actors Room

Details: LabVIEW is a ubiquitous development environment for test and measurement that is well suited for both small test benches as well as complex systems.  During this one hour seminar given by a Certified LabVIEW Architect, we will present highly valuable tips, tricks and best practices that will save attendees days of development and troubleshooting time and make future projects a lot simpler.  This seminar is aimed to both beginners and experienced LabVIEW users.  To register, please e-mail events@synovus.ca

Presenter: Testforce
Topic: Wireless Interference Hunting Seminar
Time: 2:30pm, Main Foyer

Details: Wireless technology is so widespread that the frequency spectrum can be quite crowded. Almost every portion of available frequency spectrum is shared by multiple services and/ or applications, requiring practical, effective control of interference. To eliminate interference, it must first be isolated and identified. In this one hour seminar we will discuss the three most common types of interference, and how to choose the right spectrum to help identify and help locate sources of interference.
To register, please go to: http://www.testforce.com/news/wireless-interference-seminar-eptech.html

Presenter: Sytek Enterprises/Tangio Printed Electronics
Topic: Expressive Input for Consumer Electronics: Force Sensors
Time: 2:30pm, Upper Foyer

Details: Expressive input is becoming more popular in consumer electronics.  Products like the Microsoft Surface and the new Apple Watch are using force sensing technology that enables users to expressively interact with their electronics.  Kirk Hutton will be talking about recent advancements in printed electronics that will enable a whole new generation of force sensing technology, new and upcoming materials, as well as how force sensors are being used by innovators and product manufacturers around the world.
To register, please go to: http://tangio.co/pages/eptech2015-seminar-registration

Presenter: CCI Canadian Circuits Inc.
Topic: Nano Manufacturing In SFU Mechatronics
Time: 2:30pm, Lower/Actors Room

Details: CCI Canadian Circuits Inc. is working collaboratively with Dr. Woo Soo Kim from Mechatronic Systems Engineering at Simon Fraser University. He will be presenting on Nano-manufacturing. He will be sharing his research interests about stretchable printed sensors, stretchable inter-connections for printed circuit boards, printed organic devices, remote m-health bio-medical sensors and 3D printed sensors. Tips and techniques about cost reduction for design engineers and manufacturing PCB's will also be discussed.
Register for the event: www.canadiancircuits.com/seminar  or email at sales@canadiancircuits.com