Presenter: QAI Laboratories EMC Department
Topic: EMC Testing: Troubleshooting Techniques
Time: Lower Actors Room, 10:00 AM

Details: The aim of this presentation is to provide engineers and system designers with a set of practical diagnostic approaches, troubleshooting techniques (both old and new), and cost-effective solutions for the most common types of EMC problems, so that compliance with EMC requirements can be quickly and cost effectively achieved.  This hour-long presentation will review: the use of preliminary scans, in-house measurement techniques, low-cost measurement tools, the use of ferrites, decoupling capacitors, bypass capacitors, inductors, resistors and techniques that will and won’t work for solving EMC problems.  To reserve a seat please e-mail Simon Howkins at showkins@qai.org

Presenter: EMA Design Automation
Topic: Top Ten Recommendations for Implementing an Effective Component Data Management Environment
Time: Upper Foyer, 10:00 AM

Details: EMA Design Automation will discuss the best practices in implementing a centralized ECAD symbols/model library and component database which can be shared across users in a single location or geographically dispersed sites. EMA has extensive experience in implementing such systems, and these lessons learned will reduce your learning curve and prevent you from repeating costly mistakes when configuring your own centralized ECAD library environment. This session will also address maintaining integrity of the initial library setup by controlling the quantity of new parts that are added as well as integrating to enterprise business systems. Email info@ema-eda.com to register.

Presenter:  Hansen Industries 
Topic: "Don't Bring a Knife to a Gun Fight"
Time:  Main Foyer, 10:00 AM

Details: How can Canadian manufacturing firms look forward to a brighter future amidst a forecast of storm clouds? This seminar will focus on the use of leadership, innovation and automation to help keep manufacturing in Canada. It will include an overview of the latest technology, equipment, leadership and production methods used to manufacture hardware for the electronics manufacturing industry. Register: http://www.hansenindustries.com/pages/posts/seminars-at-eptech-2014-99.php

Presenter:  Testforce
Topic: Modern Solutions for Testing WiFi
Time:  Main Foyer, 11:30 AM

Details: In this one hour session, we will go through the three basic levels of troubleshooting embedded wireless modules. We will discuss the practical aspects of RF measurements and provide an overview of tools and measurements needed to successfully integrate a wireless solution. To register please visit http://www.testforce.com/seminars-en or call Rhonda Rashed at 905-839-4290 ext 7434

Presenter:  Comtree / Kyzen
Topic: Cleanability by Design
Time:  Upper Foyer, 1:00 PM

Details: Design complexities and functionality requirements are continually decreasing spacing between conductors. As devices decrease in size, contamination can lead to unavoidable and unwanted malfunctions. Contamination trapped under components can result in electro-chemical migration, leakage currents and stray capacitance in an electronic circuit due to high voltage and frequency.  Cleaning is used on many designs to mitigate this issue. However, very little to no consideration is accounted for this during the product development process to address the cleaning process. Factors such as the density of components, component layout, thermal heat requirements, and standoff height/clearance are key considerations. This presentation will highlight research performed on passive, BGA and QFN packages to identify the effects of solder mask clearance and land pattern design on ability to remove flux residues and improve cleanliness of solder electronic assembly. To register please email: andrea@comtreeinc.com or call 905-673-7777 ext 21.

Presenter:  AMPCO
Topic:   The Ampco Story
Time:  Main Foyer, 1:00 PM

Details:   Learn the diverse and unique success story of a Western Canadian manufacturer and how its customer-focused, solutions-centered approach to producing durable graphics and advanced manufactured products can help you achieve immediate and ongoing product success. Product samples and tailored solutions that highlight Ampco’s processes and capabilities will be presented. To register please visit http://register.ampcomfg.com or contact Rick Gagne at 604-472-3800.

Presenter: QAI Laboratories EMC Department
Topic: Selecting an EMC Laboratory: What every manufacturer needs to know
Time: Lower Actors Room, 1:00 PM

Details: This Presentation takes a manufacturer’s perspective on:  four reasons for using an Independent EMC Lab; EMC Testing “in-house” versus at an Independent EMC Test Lab; Key product life cycle stages from an EMC Perspective and best practices for using EMC Test Labs at each stage; How your business model determines when and why you would use an Independent EMC Test Lab and Three Dimensions of Competency” when selecting EMC lab relative to your needs as a manufacturer.  The presentation will conclude with a question and answer session.  To reserve a seat please e-mail Simon Howkins at showkins@qai.org

Presenter:  AMPCO
Topic:   Interface Design Solutions
Time:  Main Foyer, 2:30 PM

Details:   From membrane switches to back-lit LED device control panels, this seminar will take you through interface technologies. Learn how each product can help you optimize appeal, increase protection, lower costs and maximize your profits. To register please visit http://register.ampcomfg.com or contact Rick Gagne at 604-472-3800.

Presenter:  Test Equity
Topic: End to End Power Electronics Test Solutions
Time:  Lower Actors Room, 2:30 PM

Details: This will be an overview of Tektronix Solutions for Testing Power Electronics Modules and Subsystems.  Design Validation, Characterization, and Compliance Testing will be discussed showing typical schematics with components and test points.  Typical test techniques utilizing Scopes, Current Probes, Power Analyzers, Source Measure Units, Arbitrary Function Generators, DMM's, and Power Supplies. There will be a Visa Prize drawing at the end of the 1 hour session.  To reserve a seat, please register with Roxanne Harbison: Roxanne.Harbison@TestEquity.com or call her at: 800-732-3457, x215