Quebec City

Presenter: Global EMC
Topic: An overview of CE Marking and common directives for the electronics manufacturing industry / EMC standards and requirements for worldwide markets
Time: 10:00 AM, Beethoven Room

Details: Un survole des normes CE et directives communes pour l'industrie manufacturière en électronique / EMC normes et exigences pour les marchés mondiaux / An overview of CE Marking and common directives for the electronics manufacturing industry / EMC standards and requirements for worldwide markets.  Enregistrement via courrier électronique avec / Register via email with at jdeoliva@globalemclabs.com or ldam@globalemclabs.com

Presenter: GAP Wireless
Topic: Real-time EMC/EMI testing using Very-Near-Field Methods
Time:  10:00 AM, Carmen Room

Details: Very-Near-Field testing of emissions can be done in seconds using a unique array of probes. These very-near-field “emissions maps” can be used to identify source of emissions and coupling paths to aid in debugging problems early in the design cycle lowering the risk of compliance issue at the qualification stage. The emissions maps can be even used to predict the EMC chamber results at a board level, reducing the need to go to a chamber during development. The excellent sensitivity and high resolution of the emission maps is useful in detecting self-interference problems and highlighting root causes down to a pin level. This seminar will show how the distributed array works and discuss using very-near-field measurements to solve emissions problems. Practical tips and a demonstration of an actual “real-time” EMxpert will be shown. It is intended for engineers or technicians who are facing EMI and EMC issues in a pre- and post-compliance environment. In depth knowledge or EMC principles is not required to get a benefit from this seminar. Visit http://www.emscan.com/Novel_EMC/EMI_Measurement_Techniques_Seminar_Quebec/ for registration details.

Presenter:  Testforce
Topic: Le fameux sans-fil. Tout le monde veut couper le cordon!
Time:  11:30 AM, Beethoven Room

Details: Cette séance d’une heure portera sur les trois niveaux élémentaires de dépannage des modules sans fil embarqués. Nous aborderons les aspects pratiques des mesures RF et dresserons un portrait des outils et des mesures nécessaires à l’intégration réussie d’une solution sans fil. Visitez www.testforce.com/news/events.html pour vous inscrire.

Presenter:  Nemko Canada Inc.
Topic: On-time, On-budget Compliance Strategy
Sujet : Une stratégie pour atteindre vos objectifs de budget et de cédule pour l’homologation des normes
Time:  1:00 PM, Beethoven Room

Details: A road map to designing products for market access.  Synergy with Nemko to achieve on-budget and time-to-market goals. To register please contact Costa Pintilei costa@nemko.com, 1-514-694-2684.

Description : Une approche pour la conception des produits adaptée aux diverses exigences des marchés mondiaux. Synergie avec Nemko pour atteindre ces objectifs. Pour inscription SVP rentrer en contact avec Costa Pintilei costa@nemko.com , 1-514-694-2684

Presenter: GAP Wireless
Topic: Antenna Measurements in Under One Second Using Very-Near-Field Technology
Time:  1:00 PM, Carmen Room

Details: Very-near-field measurements of radiated emissions are fast and easy to make. A novel near-to-far transformation technique developed by EMSCAN allows accurate antenna testing in less than one second! This technique allows measurements to be done in the lab or even on the desktop helping to avoid the delays and set-up needed for far-field measurements in a chamber. When working on small devices like mobile phones or smart meters, a designer can get radiation patterns in "real-time". This speed makes it valuable in all stages of the design cycle including new product integration and quality assurance. The same hardware and technique can also be extended to larger antenna like base station antenna or radar arrays and provide measurements in the lab in minutes. This seminar will discuss the theory of very-near-field measurements, show real world test results and include a demonstration of EMSCAN's actual "real-time" RFxpert. For registration details, please go to: 


Presenter: Testforce
Topic: Modern Techniques For Analyzing Low Frequency Signals In Marine Applications
Time: 11:30 AM, Upper Room

Details: Electronics utilized in oceanography and other maritime industries have traditionally been focused on  low operating frequencies.  Characterizing these low frequencies has been challenging in the past.  This 1 hour seminar will review modern oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer technology that is ideally suited to analyze low frequency systems. Go to www.testforce.com/news/events/eptechhalifax.html for registration information.