Mississauga - October 30

Presenter: Testforce
Topic: Practical Guide for EMI Diagnostics
Time:  11:30 AM, Salon F

Details: Today’s electronics are full of technologies presenting numerous EMI testing challenges, particularly for traditional EMI test solutions. These challenges include switching power supplies, high speed system data buses, transmission line and termination issues, spread spectrum clocking as well as the integration of wireless interfaces and connectivity. A new approach is required to effectively troubleshoot EMI issues in these modern systems. A Mixed Domain Oscilloscope incorporates a wideband Spectrum Analyzer to a traditional Mixed Signal Oscilloscope. This presentation will explore the features of this new type of oscilloscope and show how it can be used to uncover and troubleshoot transient EMI issues in modern designs. Visit http://www.testforce.com/news/events/practical-guide-emi-dig-mississauga-eptech.html to register

Presenter:  Global EMC Labs / TUV SUD Canada Inc
Topic: An overview of CE Marking and common directives for the electronics manufacturing industry / EMC standards and requirements for worldwide markets
Time:  1:00 PM, Salon F

Details: This seminar will focus on product safety and EMC testing, specifically the implementation of CE marking in regulatory and the common directives and standards applicable to machinery, and electronic products. The seminar will cover the EMC directive, the Low Voltage directive and the machinery directive as well as other international EMC and safety requirements. Register via email at ddietrich@tuvcanada.com or dbell@globalemclabs.com or on this website: http://www.tuv-sud-america.com/us-en/news-and-events/events/conferences-and-trade-shows/eptech-mississauga

Presenter:  Comtree Inc / Kyzen Corporation
Topic: It’s all about the Dirt – Cleaning No Cleans and Other Contaminants
Time:  1:00 PM, Salon G

Details: Manufacturers today are cleaning not just to remove flux residue.  We will explore the concerns of leaving these other contaminants, and especially no-clean flux residue, on modern electronic assemblies. Many such devices incorporate Bottom Termination Components (BTC); which limit access of the cleaning fluid to the soil. Common BTC examples include QFN, DFN, SON, LGA, MLP, and MLF packages. The cleaning agent must also match up to the soil in order to solubilize and carry it away.  Understand how to clean no-clean assemblies and provide general process conditions that will successfully remove flux residue and other contamination from under and around modern BTC components. To attend this seminar please RSVP:  andrea@comtreeinc.com at your earliest opportunity.