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August 6, 2017 by Stephen Law

Measurement instrument optimized for field performance testing

YOKOGAWA DL350 ScopeCorder provides a built-in battery and a lightweight, space-saving design, optimized for the performance testing and troubleshooting of products and equipment in the field. Unit provides improved noise resistance and the capability to measure and record a variety…
August 3, 2017 by Stephen Law

Two part epoxy bonds, seals and coats encapsulation

MASTER BOND EP41S-F is a two part epoxy for bonding, sealing, coating and encapsulation applications. Product combines fast ambient temperature cure speed with  chemical resistance and superior electrical insulation properties. Versatile system is easy to handle and has a forgiving…
August 2, 2017 by Cheryl Critchley, University of Melbourne

Gel technology could see electronic devices ‘heal’ themselves

A new 3D printed gel that can heal like living tissue, and change form in response to environments, has myriad applications from fixing cracked phone screens to adaptive camouflage
August 1, 2017 by Dr Bryony Core, technology analyst, IDTechEx

3D printing metals market to hit $12B in 2028

Following commercialization in the 1990s, today metal 3D printing has established itself as an attractive manufacturing solution for prototyping and beyond, according to the results of a report from  IDTechEx Research. Metal printer manufacturers and materials suppliers are poised to…
July 31, 2017 by Stephen Law

Soldering tips, hand-piece increases throughput

METCAL High Thermal Demand (HTD) hand-piece and tips solution improves MX-5200 soldering,  desoldering and rework series for applications with high thermal loads, such as dense boards – without damaging sensitive components. Product delivers more thermal energy, thus minimizing the risk of…
July 31, 2017 by Stephen Law

Covers protect 3U and 6U Eurocard pcbs

PIXUS TECHNOLOGIES Protective solder-side covers for 3U and 6U Eurocard printed circuit boards (pcbs) come in a version that mounts to OpenVPX, CompactPCI, and VME/64x boards. Devices mount to Eurocard-based boards and provide mechanical protection of the component side of…
July 29, 2017 by EP&T Magazine

IoT dev board partnership aimed at makers, engineers

With the aim of supporting rapid prototyping and IoT development efforts of makers and engineers, IoT solutions provider myDevices recently partnered with SparkFun Electronics, global leader in open-source hardware. With 30.7 billion connected devices in use by 2020 (as estimated…
July 27, 2017 by Stephen Law

2017 tech growth exceeds expectations

Industry revenue to reach record levels as emerging categories soar, says CTA
July 27, 2017 by Stephen Law

Desktop software provides advanced pdf scraping capabilities

EMA DESIGN AUTOMATION Ultra Librarian desktop software version 8.2 and an expanded library provides designers access to symbols, footprints and 3D models for more than 12-million parts. This version uses techniques to extract datasheet information into the part building process.  Users…
July 25, 2017 by Dr Harry Zervos, principal analyst, IDTechEx

The road to fully flexible consumer electronics

IDTechEx article addresses the role of flexible encapsulation
July 23, 2017 by Stephen Law

Mouser adds two principals

Disty adds TinyCircuits’ TinyDuino open source platform; ITT Cannon’s commercial and industrial interconnect solutions
July 22, 2017 by Stephen Law

Waveguide straights operate in 5.85GHz to 110GHz frequency range

PASTERNACK straight waveguide sections come in sizes ranging from WR-10 to WR-137, consisting of 62 models that operate in the frequency range of 5.85GHz to 110GHz and in 13 waveguide bands from C to W band. Devices also deliver VSWR…