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Electronic Products and Technology is your definitive leader serving the electronics OEM and MRO markets in Canada. To ensure your message gets in to the decision makers that influence product and service purchases, we have positioned the magazine with the following:

  • Largest total OEM circulation, over 10% more then our competitor
  • Largest total circulation of any other magazine serving the electronics market in Canada, that by over 26%
  • Largest R&D circulation, that by 1,470%
  • 47% more purchasing job titles
  • 9.4% more names qualified in first year making EP&T’s list the most current available in the market
  • EP&T produces the EPTECH shows in every major city in Canada thereby increasing the magazines profile to your potential customers

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EP&T is strategically positioned to deliver your message to an impressively active database, whether you message be in print or digital formats.

Editorial Additions for 2015

EP&T has added the following editorial sections for 2015: Wearable Technology, Transportation, Automation/Robotics, Internet of Things, Printable Electronics and 3D Printing. Advertise and ensure your message is read by engineers involved in these growing segments of electronics manufacturing.

CASL Compliant Authorized

EP&T’s circulation list has officially received AAM CASL Certification. Business Information Group, the publishers of EP&T is the first and only third party certified CASL list available in the electronics market in Canada.
Business Information Group and EP&T has worked directly with legal counsel and AAM to ensure our practices are within the legislation’s requirements, and have made necessary enhancements to its systems, corporate email usage and acquisition procedures to ensure and track compliance. The certification provides assurances from AAM that the Business Information Group’s systems, procedures and processes regarding the collection and use of emails are compliant to Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation.

The attestation states that Business Information Group has assessed controls over its CASL compliance system, and AAM has certified that BIG can provide reasonable assurance that:

  1. Business Information Group’s commercial electronic message system is in compliance with Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation.
  2. Systems are in place to ensure that express or implied consent is properly documented on an individual email address basis, and formal policies and procedures regarding the process are properly maintained.
  3. Business Information Group maintains formal policies and procedures relative to all unsubscribe requests related to commercial electronic messages.
  4. Business Information Group maintains formal policies and procedures relative to the maintenance of email lists and delivery of commercial electronic messages.
  5. Business Information Group maintains formal policies and procedures relative to access control and software change control.

AAM CASL Certification validates the credibility of EP&T’s circulation list and EP&T’s statement of being CASL compliant.