About EP&T Magazine

Electronic Products & Technology (EP&T) is Canada's leading and largest professional electronics magazine. Published eight times a year, EP&T reaches more than 21,000+ electronics designers, engineers, technologists, technicians, purchasers, researchers and technical managers.

EP&T readers are employed coast-to-coast across Canada in private companies and public sector organizations that design and manufacture electronic products (OEMs) or extensively use electronic products and systems in their operations (MROs).

EP&T is published in a tabloid format on premium paper stock and is mailed to a broad cross-section of electronics readers in Canada and to a selected audience around the world.

In addition to the printed version of EP&T, we produce an EP&T Digital Edition, EP&T Electronics News Courier and Product Source e-newsletters. All are sent to EP&T's substantial circulation list and, in the case of Product Source, to the non-duplicated EPTECH database.

EP&T is the preferred electronics publication in Canada, assisting electronics designers, engineers, buyers and managers in keeping informed on what is happening in the dynamic world of electronics by delivering all of the information they need to perform their jobs more effectively.

The magazine is organized to make efficient use of readers' time. Technical and industry material is tightly edited by EP&T's highly experienced editorial team and organized in an attractive and efficient presentation by the magazine's equally experienced art department.

Drawing on its global information sources, EP&T covers the latest in new products, applications, engineering, design and manufacturing techniques, leading-edge technologies and key technical and industry business trends.