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How trends in electronics are affecting connectors

Rapidly changing demands and designs in product performance and electrical integrity are having a huge effect on electronic connector systems. New smaller and more portable electronics in aerospace, defense, and other stressful environments,...
Apr 11, 2014

Tiny IO-link transceivers simplify industrial automation interface designs

Many of today’s sensors and actuators used in industrial automation consist of electromechanical switches whose signal status is made available to remote I/Os of system controllers that communicate via fieldbus networks. Connection to a...
Apr 4, 2014

Internet of things will transform the data center

The Internet of Things (IoT) has a potential transformational effect on the data center market, its customers, technology providers, technologies, and sales and marketing models, according to Gartner Inc. Gartner estimates that the IoT will...
Mar 28, 2014

Software-designed PACs: Think subroutine, not sub controllers

Today’s controls engineers face the pressure to simplify system complexity as they are tasked with increasingly complex challenges. Unfortunately, solutions to these challenges are difficult to clearly define, so overall industrial market...
Mar 1, 2014

Environmental regulations - Determining substances of concern for electronics

Introduction Environmental compliance is a moving target -- new regulations continue to emerge creating significant challenges for the EEE industry. Substances added twice a year to the REACH SVHC Candidate List, the Denmark phthalates ban and...
Mar 1, 2014

Convection cooling basics for applications that cannot use a fan

When choosing a power supply for a given application, there are many reasons why you may want to avoid using a fan to cool it.
Mar 1, 2014

Planning for and replacing obsolete technology with minimal impact to customers

The rapid change in electronic technology is accelerating throughout all industries. This article addresses the changing landscape as it relates to products and technologies that require stability in design, whether real or perceived.
Feb 22, 2014

How energy harvesting can make the Internet of Things happen

Energy harvesting wireless is just starting to unfold its potential. The rapid improvement of components and system design setup will open up new applications in many aspects of life. Together with the Internet moving towards IPv6, the...
Feb 14, 2014

CMC channels resources for industrial production of printed circuit boards

Today we take for granted the availability of high-resolution, full-colour printing on everything from daily newspapers to children’s toys. This technology has been steadily refined over time and one of the pioneers and leaders in this...
Feb 7, 2014

Can the Internet of Things drive adoption of energy harvesters?

The Internet of Things adds connectivity to things. It is a broad term referring to applications as diverse as Internet connected vehicles to consumer electronics such as smart phones. However, the edge of the Internet of Things network will...
Jan 31, 2014

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